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2023 Appian Innovation Awards Highlight Business Impact of Data Fabric for Process Automation

May 10, 2023 at 9:00 AM EDT

SAN DIEGO, May 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Appian (Nasdaq: APPN) today announced the winners of the 2023 Appian Innovation Awards. This year's winners demonstrate the business impact of delivering end-to-end process automation with a Data Fabric on the Appian Platform. Finalists and winners were selected by a judging panel including Appian Chief Customer Officer Pavel Zamudio; Neil Ward-Dutton, VP AI, Automation & Analytics Europe at IDC; and George Kaczmarskyj, Principal at Ernst and Young.

Appian recognizes 2023 Innovation Award winners.

The Innovation Award recognizes an individual or team whose use of Appian is disrupting their market, serving as a catalyst for a new standard in how work is done.

North America Winners

  • US Air Force: The US Air Force Contracting Information Technology (CON-IT) is a low-code capability built on the Appian Platform designated to be the USAF's sole contract writing solution. CON-IT standardizes acquisition contract writing across the Air Force, drives efficiency for the acquisition and contracting communities, reduces costs, and enables fast functional enhancements and statutory changes. The service designed, developed, and deployed the CON-IT cloud application in fewer than nine months. Due to the success of the US Air Force CON-IT solution, the solution has been adopted by other federal and Department of Defense organizations.
  • Merck: Merck Manufacturing Division (MMD) implemented a shopfloor documentation solution as part of their digital transformation program. These digital initiatives aim to leverage best-in-class technology to simplify and streamline processes, save time, and reduce cost in a highly regulated environment governed by Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). The documentation solution is a more standardized, integrated digital process that's easier to use. Initially rolled out across five manufacturing plants, the initiative has served as a proof of value for a broader global program aimed at improving the manufacturing processes that support a safe, secure supply of Merck medicines and vaccines.

Europe and the Middle East Winners

  • JLR: In the wake of Brexit, JLR faced new challenges in the customs importation process. In response, the company implemented a series of Intelligent Automation solutions, including the Appian Platform. The platform enabled JLR to continue the movement of goods across borders, minimized risks to production, and delivered cost savings. The platform automated repetitive tasks, freeing up employees to work on value-added activities. The data-driven nature of the solution also allowed the company to claim lower tariff statuses, reducing Duty payment.
  • Ligue Nationale de Rugby (LNR): Ligue Nationale de Rugby (LNR) chose the Appian Platform to address specific challenges related to game days, and quickly built an agile, data-driven application in six months that helps LNR streamline their core business of organizing rugby matches. Called "ELLIS," the solution delivered numerous improvements for LNR, including greater user adherence through customizable interfaces, agility through mobile- and tablet-compatibility for on-the-go form entry, time savings through workflow and task management for key processes, data integration capabilities, and automatic PDF generation with a modern and dynamic display. The optimized and simplified layouts of ELLIS have reduced work complexity and saved time, such as 24% cycle time reduction in the LNR legal department and a reduction of half the number of calls to the LNR hotline on game days.

Asia-Pacific Winners

  • Westpac: The Work Orchestration program at Westpac Group was established to transform the way work is managed in the Group Operations business unit, and to provide services to customers, bankers and other financial institutions. The application captures and orchestrates all requests into operations and standardizes various business processes, including digitizing requests via authenticated channels, pre-processing requests before allocating them to staff, and providing standardized process metrics and operational dashboards. The platform is improving time to market for new digital services, allowing customers and bankers to track the status of their requests in real time.
  • Helia: Helia transformed its business operations, culture, and employee experience through the Appian Platform and its ability to conduct quick builds to enable experimentation. Helia built a new underwriting platform, operational quality assurance (QA) tool, claims management platform, and billing solution on Appian, automating the end-to-end Lender's Mortgage Insurance (LMI) policy lifecycle. The speed realized with the platform allowed Helia to test hypotheses and make informed decisions, reducing the time and cost associated with traditional business case development. Helia has reduced license costs, production support tickets, and overall operational costs. The focus on quick releases and constant reassessment of value allows Helia to optimize its operations and deliver value more effectively, while empowering employees to modernize their operations.

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